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Press Release

May 25th, 2011

Upgrades Include Alerts, Regulatory Checks & Position-Level Compliance

Hong Kong – 25 May 2011 – Tora, Asia’s leading provider of advanced trading technology and financial services, has responded to growing client needs for increased compliance solutions by announcing the release of a new Compliance Engine within TORA Compass, the Execution and Order Management System, to include a multitude of new capabilities. The overhaul is aimed at providing clients with an increased rules’ library and greater functionality to help improve compliance without impacting workflow.

As part of the release, TORA Compass 7.0 ensures that violations trigger audio and visual alerts, requests for approval from appointed seniors and order rejections. In addition, the platform performs order, portfolio, fund and regulatory compliance checks.

“In a time-sensitive environment where there is increased oversight, and little room for regulatory error, it is essential that traders are armed with tools which are functional yet flexible in their ability to deliver absolute compliance when executing orders,” says Chris Jenkins, Tora’s Managing Director, Sales and Operations, Asia Pacific. “TORA Compass is able to provide compliance customization. By leveraging the flexible architecture, TORA Compass has the ability for rapid implementation of custom rules and functionality. This allows us to respond quickly to our clients’ needs and help them meet their regulatory or mandated responsibilities.”

As part of the offering, rules can be developed specific to particular orders, portfolios or fund mandates. Orders can be checked from the trading blotter or a dedicated compliance blotter. In addition, audit trails and trade order history can be viewed through comprehensive reporting capabilities.

“The role of compliance and risk management is growing significantly, especially in wake of the financial crisis, and while we need to provide solutions to these demands, it’s also key that any solution is reliable, robust and fast,” Chris Jenkins added.

TORA Compass is the most comprehensive multi-market, multi-broker, multi-product electronic trading platform focused on Asia. Hedge funds, mutual funds and proprietary trading desks rely on TORA Compass to maximize their returns and achieve a competitive advantage. TORA Compass offers a full suite of trade execution capabilities via direct market access, worked or algorithmic trading across Asia. TORA Compass reaches the 24 key exchanges across 14 countries in Asia which includes a broad assortment of global, regional and local brokers.

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