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January 10th, 2013

Hong Kong – 10 January 2013: TORA, a leading provider of advanced trading technology and financial services, has announced the launch of the latest extension of its Algorithmic Trading Development Toolkit (ATDT), a fully integrated multi market, multi asset pairs trading application. TORA Pairs Trader will also allow users to trade pairs across multiple counter parties with flexible and wide ranging execution parameters.

TORA Pairs Trader is specifically designed from the ground up and incorporates a blotter solely for pairs. The application provides a high degree of control over the execution via a series of parameters such as tolerance, slippage, slicing and concurrency. There is full support for bulk uploads and there is capacity to trade thousands of pairs concurrently. Within the application, there is also an alert management platform highlighting price volatility and hung legs.

“This will appeal to the buy side because Pairs Trader delivers flexibility and performance for an increasingly popular pan-Asian and global strategy” said Gerrit Van Wingerden, Managing Director, Product Development at TORA, “The Pairs Trader is another example of our ability to deliver custom automated strategies from our Algorithmic Trading Development Toolkit”.

“The Pairs Trader has enabled us to trade much more efficiently, our completion of executions has increased significantly especially in volatile market conditions” said Mike Munns, CIO of Prodigal Capital in Sydney, ”The reason we chose TORA was their ability to deliver a customized solution quickly and support it fully”.

The application went live in Q4 2012 and is currently trading for clients across 15 markets in multiple assets. TORA Pairs Trader is available for all TORA OEMS clients.

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About TORA TORA is Asia’s leading provider of advanced trading technology and financial services. TORA’s unrivalled solutions span the entire trading process, offering a full suite of trade execution capabilities in markets across Asia, North America and Europe. TORA’s high-performance EMS/OMS has been designed from the ground up by traders, and is currently used by traders at hedge funds, long-only funds and sell-side proprietary trading desks. TORA also provides clients with access to its unique liquidity pools including Asia’s leading non-displayed matching engine. TORA’s dedicated Asia trading desk delivers to buy-side clients unmatched Asia expertise and extensive analytics focused on best execution. TORA’s extensive suite of proprietary algorithms (trading and strategy-focused) is fully customizable and broker neutral. TORA has over 175 employees dedicated to Asia, with offices in Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore, Sydney, New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco.