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November 9th, 2009

Creates seamless and dynamic information reporting capability for trades completed in TORA Compass

Tokyo, 9 November 2009 –Tora, the leading technology, trading and liquidity provider for Asia, and Tradar, a leading supplier of portfolio management and accounting solutions to the hedge fund industry, jointly announced today that they have completed the integration of Tradar Insight with TORA Compass. This integration provides continuous, real-time posting of orders executed in TORA Compass to individual portfolios and provides traders with an up-to-the-minute view of positions, P&L, instrument and currency exposures.

“Tora’s clients are among the most prominent and sophisticated traders in Asian markets,” said Tony Swei, CEO of Tradar. “We are delighted to partner with Tora to enable these clients to record and warehouse trading histories, view live P&L and performance attribution, track positions and exposures, and automatically price portfolios using Tradar Insight.”

“As the number and size of TORA Compass clients continues to grow, so does the need for real time portfolio tracking and financial reporting, seamlessly integrated into our trading platform,” said Robert Dykes, CEO of Tora. “Integrating with Tradar Insight enables us to provide our clients with an end-to-end solution which improves trading efficiency and supports new trading strategies which can translate into better returns.”

Boyer Allan Investment Management, the leading specialist manager of Asian equity absolute return funds, is the first Tora client to have fully implemented the integrated TORA Compass/Tradar Insight solution. “Tora meets all our requirements from a functionality, broker neutrality and cost point of view, and we could not be happier,” said Guy Commaille, COO of Boyer Allan. “Thanks to the seamless integration between Tora and Tradar, our trading team have gained genuine efficiencies. Our traders can now instantly see the results of their trades on their financial performance and on their portfolio composition.”

About Tradar
Tradar is a leading supplier of portfolio management and accounting solutions to the hedge fund industry, with over 180 clients worldwide. Founded in 1996, Tradar offers a multi-asset class platform based on Microsoft SQL Server and .Net that can be applied to virtually any trading strategy. Tradar has offices in London, New York, San Francisco, and Hong Kong. For more information, please visit www.tradar.com

About Tora
Tora is Asia’s leading provider of advanced trading technology and financial services. Tora offers unrivalled solutions spanning the entire trading process, providing traders with a full suite of trade execution capabilities in markets across Asia, North America and Europe. Tora’s high-performance EMS/OMS has been designed from the ground up for trading Asia, and is currently used by traders at hedge funds, long-only funds and sell-side proprietary trading desks. Tora also provides clients with access to its unique liquidity pools including Asia’s leading non-displayed matching engine, and additional third party liquidity offerings. Tora’s extensive suite of proprietary algos (trading and strategy-focused) is fully customizable, and is broker neutral. In addition, Tora’s dedicated Asia trading desk delivers to buy-side clients unmatched regional expertise and extensive analytics focused on best execution. Tora has over 175 employees dedicated to Asia, with offices in Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore, New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

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