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October 12th, 2009

Linking of TORA Compass to the Tradeweb Routing Network offers clients instant access to hundreds of new buy and sell-side institutions for trading equities and listed products outside Asia.

Jersey City, NJ, and Tokyo, Japan – 12 October 2009 – Tradeweb, the leading global provider of online financial markets, and Tora, the leading technology, trading and liquidity provider for Asia, jointly announced today that TORA Compass is the latest concentrator to join the Tradeweb Routing Network (TRN). This connection will provide Tora’s buy-side users with access to liquidity from over 650 certified trading destinations particularly in North America and Europe.

TRN is one of the largest FIX protocol-based messaging networks in the world trading well over 1.6 billion shares per day globally. TORA Compass is the most comprehensive multi-broker, multi-product electronic trading platform focused on Asia.

“Tora is an excellent addition to the Tradeweb Routing Network. Their market leadership in Asia, sophisticated algorithmic trading strategies and deep liquidity attract an impressive user base that further enhances the world-wide TRN trading community,” said Jim Fiesel, Managing Director for Tradeweb’s equities business.

“We are delighted to be connecting to the Tradeweb Routing Network. Its global prominence complements our deep coverage across Asia and provides TORA Compass clients with increased broker connectivity in North America and Europe,” commented Robert Dykes, CEO of Tora.

About Tradeweb
Tradeweb is a leading provider of online markets and a pioneer in the development of electronic trading and trade processing. The company provides services in the fixed income, derivatives, and equities markets to clients in more than 50 countries. Tradeweb’s equity business includes AutEx, the industry leader for 40 years in providing indications of interests including state-of-the-art Smart IOIs, and Tradeweb Routing Network, a global FIX network with more than 8,000 connections to over 1,000 firms. TRN offers streamlined connectivity and ability to support the complete trade lifecycle. Tradeweb is owned by Thomson Reuters and ten leading global dealers: Barclays, Bank of America, Merrill Lynch, Citi, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan, Morgan Stanley, The Royal Bank of Scotland, and UBS.

For more information, please visit www.tradeweb.com

About Tora
Tora is the recognized leader in technology, trading and alternative liquidity products focused on Asia. The TORA Compass trading platform is the most comprehensive trading platform in Asia. TORA Compass offers a full suite of trade execution capabilities to trade equities, stock futures and options, index futures and options, warrants, convertible bonds, swaps and other synthetics, all on a single platform. Over 25% of all electronic trading on the Tokyo Stock Exchange is processed each month through TORA Compass. TORA Clearpool is an electronic OTC marketplace to execute trades off-exchange with full transparency and fast, electronic execution. TORA Clearpool provides clients a venue to implement complex trading strategies, achieving best execution where little or no liquidity exists in the market. TORA Alpha is a suite of independent algorithmic trading strategies that are fully customizable and broker neutral. Tora liquidity services provides a range of trading services for clients. Tora’s products are provided in an application service provider (ASP) model, and require no IT infrastructure or staff at the client site. The solutions integrate with a full complement of third-party and proprietary order management, portfolio management, risk, accounting and other back-office and compliance systems. Tora has over 150 employees dedicated to Asia, with offices in Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore, New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

For more information, please visit www.stage.toratrading.tw.

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