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Yohei Suzuki

Yohei Suzuki

How has your job changed since you started working here?

I started as a network engineer when I joined TORA in 2007. It was just about the time TORA was beginning to expand its business to broader client ranges including overseas clients. As a member of Infra team I gained my knowledge on building an enterprise level system framework. Also I’ve been working very closely with other teams, which again gave me broad knowledge on how each system component work together, and how they output as services to the clients. This knowledge and experience gave me a unique strength when I moved to Sales team in 2019.

What is the most interesting thing about working here?

I keep finding new things, new challenges in TORA. Each team is relatively small, which makes it easier to jump on to new things and gain experience. I see TORA management team as being very open for their employees to challenge new things, instead of limiting one’s work responsibility. This made it possible for me to change career from IT side to Sales side.

I think what is most interesting about TORA is that it is a very flexible company. The industry we are in changes rapidly and is constantly enhancing, so we need to make sure we are up to speed. Hence, flexibility is a great value and the company keeps encouraging me to try new things and be the best I can.

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