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Patrick Teng

Patrick Teng

Brief story overview

I joined TORA in 2007 as employee number three in Hong Kong. As we started to expand our client base in Hong Kong and Asia, I was responsible for implementing new clients.

Over the years I have expanded my role to include some product management, and now I head up Professional Services globally. I travel regularly around the world visiting our offices. I am also heavily involved in the pre-sales process.

What is the most interesting thing about working here, and about the work you do?

I think the most interesting thing about working here is the dynamic experience you get. The market, company and opportunities for my role have changed many times over the years, which makes it an incredibly dynamic place to work.

The financial industry is always innovating and responding to new market and regulatory conditions. This then leads TORA to expand on its expertise to these industry changes and ultimately moves us into and creating new market segments.

The company has provided lots of opportunities to expand my role with involvement in product management and pre-sales. This dynamic environment has kept the work interesting. The TORA family strengths have also been an important factor, as I get to work with some of the most knowledgeable and smartest people in the industry.

How has your job changed since you started working here?

When I started working at TORA I was heavily involved in everyday client issues, from support to even IT. As the company and team expanded, I had the opportunity to grow the team, build structured processes, and contribute to TORA’s award winning products and services.

What drives you and motivates you in your daily work?

Our clients need fast and reliable services in an ever changing environment. I approach my role as a partnership with clients to consult on and implement their requirements. For me, it is satisfying to know that we are providing a key piece of the puzzle to the larger financial markets that affects everyone’s lives.

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