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Bogdan Todașcă

Bogdan Tecar

How long have you been at TORA and what was your first role here?

I started working at TORA straight after I graduated and it was my first contact with the world of real software engineering.

I started as a Junior developer, and throughout the years I climbed through the ranks to become a mentor, senior software engineer and technical lead for the team in charge of the user interface.

My current role is Product Manager for one of the main product lines. I made this transition 2 years ago to complement my technical knowledge with business/domain knowledge and also in search for new challenges.

In May 2020 I will have been working at TORA for 9 years.

What is it like to be a product manager at TORA?

The transition from development to product management came with its own set of challenges for a person that used to be very hands-on. I find the subject matter (financial markets and trading) is something I am very passionate about. I enjoy developing the research and building a product strategy together with the Product Owners.

Why do you think people should join TORA?

TORA is a very interesting business and if you like constantly solving complex and challenging problems, then you will really like working here.

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