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manage risks
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Product Benefits

Risk management that’s part of the work flow

If you’re only managing the risk for a portion of your portfolio, it’s like having your front door double-locked and keeping the windows open. We fold everything into one system that makes risk an integral part of the investment process.

One view of the portfolio across the entire firm

TORA Risk provides accurate, real-time data for the entire portfolio – vanilla equities to exotic OTCs. This means fully reconciled positions as well as accurate pricing and valuations so there is only one view of the portfolio across the firm.

Base your risk calculations on the full picture

Portfolio managers can then run simulation-based scenarios that generate risk metrics in seconds, allowing faster and more effective investment decisions.

Key Features

Real time and historical risk monitoring.

Real time valuations and sensitivities.

On-demand multi-dimensional shift scenarios.

Options pricer with volatility editor and real time autofitter.

Risk bucketing as well as VaR and VaR bucketing.

Integration with 3rd party valuation services.


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