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Outsourced Trading

Global trading solution supported by world-class technology

Outsourced Trading

TORA Trading Services

We provide a buy-side trading solution with global market coverage.

TORA is a leading global provider of trading technology and financial services, offering unrivalled solutions spanning the entire trading lifecycle for institutional investors.

We offer access to a leading team of Traders with a combined industry experience of over 130 years. Our customers can receive bespoke client solutions to suit their individual needs, coupled with the latest technology.

Outsourced Trading

What are the benefits of
Outsourced Trading?

Outsourced Trading

Optimize trading needs without the costs of staffing a global desk full-time

Outsourced Trading

Leverage a global team as a conduit to information and liquidity

Outsourced Trading

Enhance BCP and fulfill increasing operational and reporting requirements of fund allocators

Why pick us for
Outsourced Trading?

Broker agnostic
Aligned with client interests

Pass-through trading model
Helps keep the primary relationship between client and broker intact

Experienced traders
leverage proprietary software and development team for Best Execution and TCA

Integrated with software
to provide real-time transparency and custom reporting

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Outsourced Trading


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