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Foreign Exchange (FX)

TORA’s enhanced capabilities in foreign exchange gives traders access to multiple pools of deep liquidity

FX Trading Solution

Foreign Exchange

TORA has recently partnered with EBS, one of the largest and most liquid FX market providers.

The new connection between the two systems will deliver multi asset trading through a single interface and enable traders to receive EBS Market and EBS Direct FX Liquidity side by side via one unified platform.

The partnership allows clients to access a true multi-asset trading platform coupled with deep levels of liquidity via 55+ Liquidity Providers and a dedicated liquidity management team.


  • Multi Asset
  • Pools of Liquidity
  • Intuitive & customisable UI
  • Post trade execution analytics
  • Low latency & liquidity rich
  • Access to industry leading primary FX market
  • Enhanced TWAP execution tool
FX Trading Solution

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