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Execution Management System (EMS)

Our EMS solution can be a standalone solution or integrated with any Order Management Sytems (OMS) provider.

Execution Management System (EMS)

Execution management

Access the very latest multi-asset broker algos and trade across a variety of asset classes such as; Global Equities, FX, Derivatives and Fixed Income.


  • Easy-to-use interface with unmatched flexibility to suit your trading workflows
  • Access a broad network of brokers and venues via TORA FIXNet and other major FIX networks
  • Access the very latest multi-asset broker algos
  • Basket orders, position-based orders, parent/child orders, pairs orders
  • On-screen audit trail of all trades and actions made
  • Access to best-in-class proprietary TORA pairs trading algo suite and the option to use FX auto-hedging
  • Powerful alerts engine for market and order monitoring
  • Integrated with ChartIQ and access to various graphical tools to aid visualisation
  • Websocket API, FIX API for systematic trading
  • AWS cloud-based technology for fast and flexible deployment


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