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Product Benefits

Real-time, actionable analytics

TORA Analytics delivers actionable TCA data to portfolio managers and traders across the order life cycle. Customized, delivered and managed by the same people and technology that run all your software.

You decide what you want to see

Adjust analytics parameters on-the-fly so you get to see the data you care about and that your firm measures performance by. Get it in real-time so traders can take action, like routing to venues with better fill quality.

Leverage TCA data to achieve MiFID II best execution compliance

Use integrated pre-trade and intra-day analytics to drive execution strategy selection, and capture the entire process in a best-execution audit trail.

Key Features

Pre-trade and intra-day analytics delivered in real-time

Live charting of analytics data versus your order and portfolio

TORA can provide the analytics and also offers out of the box integrations with Markit, OTAS and other providers

Robust set of post-trade TCA, toxicity analyses and MiFID II compliant reports

Use TORA Analytics to drive MiFID II compliant best execution strategy selection

Powerful trading workflows for taking action on live-TCA data for your orders


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