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TORA Labs is the only organization of its kind in the world

We have a deep bench of “financial and technology” engineers who are constantly working on ideas that solve pressing problems for both the buy and sell-side. You don’t have to give us a crash course in anything. You tell us what you’re trying to achieve and we’ll tell you the smartest way to build it and how to connect it to everything you already have.

Examples of work

Software to support a custom trading strategy

A client approached TORA with a problem: they were forced to use multiple trading platforms to simultaneously trade 2,000 cross-currency, cross-asset class pairs across multiple brokers. Each platform had its own quirks and performance issues. The result? Missed opportunities, errors and operational headaches. TORA developed a pairs trading solution that was ten times faster, took advantage of PTSs and alternative liquidity venues and gave the client one set of controls to manage the pairs orders individually and en masse.

Toxicity analysis and reporting

During regular review meetings, TORA customers told us that they were concerned about the quality of the fills they were seeing when they participated in various dark pools. Using an in-house developed toxicity analysis tool, TORA worked with clients to determine the differences between fills they were seeing in different broker dark pools. As a result, clients were then able to go back to their brokers, armed with data and specific examples, and change how the brokers executed their orders in dark pools.

Patented crossing engine technology

Clients were frustrated with accessing off-exchange liquidity because it required a compromise: change their workflow and spend time monitoring orders in dark pools, or only execute on traditional venues and miss out on liquidity and price improvement. Working closely with clients, brokers, and exchanges, TORA Labs created a method for clients to continue routing orders to traditional venues, while simultaneously creating shadow orders that search for off-exchange liquidity and price improvement. Both orders are adjusted in real-time as fills come in, with zero risk to the client of overfills. The net effect: best execution, full transparency, and complete control. We’re the only company that can do this.

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