Kevin Sui

What is your role at TORA?

My main role is a Professional Service Manager which means that I ensure our clients have a high level of service when using TORA Solutions.

I have to manage expectations, onboard & train the clients, ensure that they have the necessary solutions to their investment needs pertaining to TORA’s solutions. 

Customer Satisfaction is key to my daily role and having this mission as a core value leads me to interact with a very wide array of people, including internal staff, our partners, our competitors, brokers, clients’ counterparties and vendors. This allows me to broaden my network and knowledge of the financial interconnected world, the challenges faced in the industry which leads to the opportunity to solve them. 

What is the most interesting thing about working here, and about the work you do?

I have a wide variety of responsibilities to retain and grow the business in the APAC region and these keep me motivated. My main and core objective of putting the client first has never changed since I joined TORA in 2008. There has been a natural progression where client satisfaction leads to natural recommendations of new clients from the industry and this is what excites me the mostIt gives me a personal indication of whether my work with clients is having a positive impact in the industry and Tora has given me the opportunity and flexibility to find a balance between my personal aspirations and the company’s directions. 

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