HFM Technology: Honey, I shrunk the office

Clearly, a remote working arrangement does not live and die by the tools used to make it more frictionless, but simple practicalities can radically impact the efficacy of communication, time management, and even personal attitudes and relationships across teams.

At hedge fund software provider Tora, every employee has their own conference line, so that there’s never a conflict or backlog of scheduled phone meetings, which are essential to coordinate between offices in Asia, the United States, Jersey, and Romania.

Attention to detail has been paid even to seemingly mundane points of basic infrastructure, like the internal phone system, which is used across every office so that any employee in any location can be called internally with a four-digit extension number.

“It is a very simple thing, but fast communication is a really critical part of our work especially in the industry we are in,” explains Oren Blonstein, Tora’s COO calling from the Romania office. “Not having to go through a complicated set of processes to get somebody on the phone is one of the most fundamental things.”

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