TORA delivers a complete solution that actually works

Use all of our technology or we’ll integrate with what you have

The fastest implementation times in the industry and a technology platform that supports frequent, seamless updates

No hidden fees

Highly experienced customer service team

The end result — happy customers

TORA won the 2012, 2013, and 2014 award for Best Overall Customer Satisfaction from The TRADE Asia.

We operate at hedge fund speeds


Hedge funds need software that is fast on its feet. Many providers use outdated software architectures that make updates expensive and time-consuming.

We have the fastest implementation times in the industry—if you’re a hedge fund, we not only speak your language, we work as fast as you do

“The implementation of TORA’s OEMS was the fastest, easiest, and most successful technology roll-out in the 10 year history of our firm. It was a night and day experience comparing TORA’s service and support to our previous provider”

—Hedge Fund Portfolio Manager, NYC

No hidden charges


Many companies sell you software and then charge you to make it work with what you already have.

All of our charges are out in the open, not a back room deal with your broker — and we charge you once, not every time you pick up the phone

We don’t make money until everything is working—it’s a model that would put our competitors out of business

We do the stuff everybody is supposed to do but nobody ever does


Clients need a whole system that works—that’s why we are responsible for hardware, software, hosting, integration, data feeds, maintenance—so you can focus on what really matters instead of juggling vendors

We implement work flows our competitors can’t. We sit down with you, figure out what you need, then we build it — quickly

TORA will change your life

NO MORE software vendors who work for your broker but not for you

NO MORE hidden fees

NO MORE struggling with multi-vendor integrations

NO MORE massive, disruptive on-site installs and upgrades