TORA provides everything you need to run a fund

The entire software kit: Analytics, Compliance, EMS, OMS, PMS and Risk

Available as a unified platform or individual components

Delivered as a fully-hosted, ready-to-run solution

Built together, not patched together

Other software vendors sell “the complete solution,” but deliver separate products hacked together from acquisitions


Every TORA product is built in-house

We have one development team, under one roof, building great products that are integrated from the start


TORA takes the technology burden off your shoulders

We manage all the software, hardware, integrations, data feeds and disaster recovery–so you can focus on what really matters


TORA is an open platform: we play well with others

Our software is built to work with what you already have—it’s how we’ve built it from the start. It’s also why we don’t charge you or your vendors expensive integration fees


Say goodbye to slow moving, bloated software

Hedge funds don’t need software that’s massive, they need software that’s nimble and flexible. TORA’s software development cycles are one month or less versus a year or more for the competition


The power of one platform

TORA’s shared cloud infrastructure makes this possible, allowing our teams to deliver 500+ new features a year—plus faster, painless integration



TORA Products

TORA Portfolio Management System

TORA Portfolio Management System

We track it all

Your portfolio is the result of thousands of hours of research, analysis and hard work, and we track it all. It’s part of a hands-off system that manages the software, the hardware, the data feeds, the integrations— everything that pulls you away from what’s important.

It’s your data

See all of it in one place. Look at it any way you want. Create fully customizable, drag-and-drop portfolio views within seconds. See all of your positions across portfolios on one screen. Zero in on the exact view and level of detail you want.

View historical information about your portfolio

For example: View position, P&L, or indicators within any time frame, in any currency, within seconds. It’s all built in. It’s all paid for.

Key Features: TORA Portfolio Management System

  • Real-time & historical P&L
  • Unmatched system performance for large portfolios
  • Extensive P&L attribution analysis
  • Capture any trade on any asset class
  • Pricing via TORA’s pricing engine or integrations with leading third party vendors
  • Zero IT overhead: TORA manages all technology
  • NAV calculation & cash management
  • Powerful allocation and rebalancing tools
  • Reporting engine with data visualizations
  • Commission management
  • Automated position, P&L, trade and borrow reconciliation
  • Managed corporate actions
  • Seamless integration with TORA Compliance, Risk, and OEMS

TORA Compliance

TORA Compliance

Change the way you think about compliance

For many funds, compliance inevitably leads to operational burdens, technology headaches and performance impact. TORA Compliance makes your life easier by delivering a fully managed, turnkey solution that doesn’t impact trading work flows.

If compliance is a headache, you’re not doing it right

TORA Compliance uses a radically different technology framework that integrates the controls COOs and Compliance Departments need without the awkward work flows and trading delays that portfolio managers and traders hate.

TORA Compliance doesn’t impact work flows or introduce delays

The TORA Compliance server checks tens of thousands of simultaneous orders against dozens of complex portfolio-based compliance rules with 0.0005 seconds of latency or less. This isn’t a stat from a clean-room test environment: it’s actual performance data from our production trading environment.

Key Features: TORA Compliance

  • Robust library of portfolio and trading based compliance checks
  • Permissioned users can set up new compliance checks on the fly
  • Full audit trail for every order, available anytime
  • Automation for restricted trading lists
  • TORA delivers the implementation, management and updates of all compliance rules as part of our service
  • Flexible work flows with optional approval protocols
  • Sub-millisecond latency and high-throughput portfolio and trading compliance engine
  • New rules delivered dynamically without requiring upgrades

TORA Order Management System

TORA Order Management System

All you need and nothing you don’t

Say OMS and you’re probably thinking slow-moving, cumbersome, and clunky. If you are a hedge fund competing for performance, you’re in a race. What do you want to bring to the race, the minivan or the McLaren?

TORA’s OMS turns the tables

It delivers exactly the features you need, and none of what you don’t. Need allocations or rebalancing? Great, it’s there. But if you don’t, all of these features disappear from your work flows so you can focus on what’s important.

Key Features: TORA Order Management System

  • Allocations engine with smart defaults to improve data integrity
  • Position-based orders and rebalancing
  • Breakthrough eLocate and stock borrow management tools
  • Integrated with TORA Compliance, Analytics, and the EMS
  • Intuitive order management capabilities for individual or multiple parent/child, pairs, and basket orders
  • Intraday position management and real-time P&L
  • Integrations with prime broker and fund admin platforms
  • Configure custom global trading day for position loading, reporting and P&L
  • Commission management

TORA Execution Management System

TORA Execution Management System

We don’t force you to change the way you trade

TORA gives you global, multi-broker, multi-asset class access, along with streamlined work flows that work with your existing technology infrastructure.

Work on the fly

TORA gives you extensive pre and post trade analytics, single click access to hundreds of broker algos and off exchange venues, and more eLocate integrations than any other platform. TORA lets you work with your executing brokers to set up swap or CFD trading, and keeps track of your synthetic vs. underlying position for all compliance checks.

Streamline short sales

TORA reduces the entire short sale process to a single step. Your PMs or traders choose to send a short order, and we take care of the rest. This includes automated compliance checks, integrations with major primes and eLocate platforms, and native integration with the TORA PMS Borrow Contract Manager.

TORA won the 2012, 2013, and 2014 award for Best Overall EMS Customer Satisfaction from The TRADE Asia.

Key Features: TORA Execution Management System

  • Global broker, venue and algo access
  • Multi-asset coverage: equities, derivatives & FX
  • Full support for trading swaps and CFDs
  • eLocate integrations with stock loan desks
  • User-interfaces offer unmatched flexibility to suit your trading work flows
  • Integrated Compliance checks
  • Pre-, intraday and post-trade TCA in blotters, order input screens and end-of-day reports
  • Powerful reporting framework
  • Integrations with prime brokers, fund admins and dozens of third party platform providers
  • Intraday position management and P&L
  • Position-based orders and rebalancing
  • Customize global trading day start and stop times to match your firm’s needs
  • Allocations and commission management

TORA Analytics

TORA Analytics

Real-time, actionable analytics

TORA Analytics delivers actionable TCA data to portfolio managers and traders across the order life cycle. Customized, delivered and managed by the same people and technology that run all your software.

You decide what you want to see

Adjust parameters on a per client basis, so you get to see the data you care about: the data your firm measures performance by. Get it in real-time so traders can take action based on real information.

Find out the market impact of your trades before you place the orders

TORA lets you view your orders using different pre-trade TCA metrics to identify costly outliers, then group them into user-defined ranges and route these groups of orders to the best execution strategies with a single click.

Key Features: TORA Analytics

  • Intraday and pre-trade analytics delivered in real-time
  • Post-trade TCA and custom toxicity analyses enable clients to identify key performance drivers
  • Integrated with TORA EMS to enable quick action based on analytics data
  • Generate PDF reports showing broker algo, pool or SOR performance against a variety of benchmarks
  • TORA also integrates with third party analytics providers

TORA Risk Management System

TORA Risk Management System

Risk management that’s part of the work flow

If you’re only managing the risk for a portion of your portfolio, it’s like having your front door double-locked and keeping the windows open. We fold everything into one system that makes risk an integral part of the investment process.

One view of the portfolio across the entire firm

TORA Risk provides accurate, real-time data for the entire portfolio–vanilla equities to exotic OTCs. This means fully reconciled positions as well as accurate pricing and valuations so there is only one view of the portfolio across the firm.

Base your risk calculations on the full picture

Portfolio managers can then run simulation-based scenarios that generate risk metrics in seconds, allowing faster and more effective investment decisions.

Key Features: TORA Risk Management System

  • Real-time & historical risk monitoring
  • On-demand multi-dimensional shift scenarios and risk bucketing, as well as VaR and VaR bucketing
  • Real-time valuations and sensitivities
  • Options pricer, with volatility editor and real-time auto-fitter
  • Integration with third party valuation services